AMAR-I is an inkjet marker robot for large surfaces, designed and developed to meet the need in the steel industry for an identifiable marking of finished products.

AMAR-I-01 - Marcatrice Laser - Alping Italia

We have created a robotic cell with an anthropomorphic robot and an inkjet marker mounted in the head, equipped with 16 nozzles capable of writing numbers, letters, symbols and data matrix. The pieces are marked with their identification code on the entire surface, even before being cut by the plasma cutting machine.

The AMAR-I robot has a reach of more than 3 meters, mounted on a motorized trolley with an 11-meter stroke, and easily reaches every point of the large plate (12 × 2.5 meters) to carry out the identification marking in ink.

The machine is fast and the writings marked on the plates are legible and resist wear. Reliability, safety, and autonomy are the distinctive features of the robotic solution adopted.


High marking speed
Ideal for large surfaces
Homogeneity and correctness of the writing
Unique datamatrix
Simplified operation
Reliability and security

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