AlpRobMIS-P is an inkjet marking system aimed at large surfaces, and designed to meet the needs of the steel industry for a reliable and accurate high quality identification and tracing stand-alone solution.

AMAR-I-01 - Marcatrice Laser - Alping Italia

Alping italia has developed a robotic cell that features an anthropomorphic robot fitted with a 16 nozzle inkjet printer; the system can print numbers, letters, symbols and data matrix code on large areas. The metal sheet’s entire surface is effectively marked using the relevant identification code, ahead of the plasma cutting process.

The AlpRobMIS-P robot has a reach of more than 3 meters and it is mounted on a transfer cart with a running distance of 11-meters. It can easily reach every point of a large sheet (e.g.: 12 × 2.5 meters) to print out the required identification information.

The system can operate at high speeds and the printed information on the metal sheet is easy to read and it is wear resistant.

AlpRobMIS-P proves to be a reliable, safe, stand-alone solution.


High marking speed
Ideal for large surfaces
Homogeneity and correctness of the writing
Unique datamatrix
Simplified operation
Reliability and security

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