what we do

Our working approach follows specific actions and steps to reach
the ultimate goal for a common purpose: the customer’s satisfaction.

Therefore, our strategy follows the steps listed below:



Starting from your idea, we combine technical fantasy together with a solid knowledge in industrial automation to offer you solutions developed with the latest updated technology. In agreement with our client, we will first of all analyze the plants involved.

The technical specifications could be developed directly by us or we can offer our support for their drafting.

Subsequently, we will proceed with a search in the primary market for the most suitable technology for the system that we will propose and develop.

The development phase includes both the hardware part such as the wiring diagrams and the software relative to the automation systems, in all to create a solution that will reduce plant downtime and minimize manual intervention to give the client a profitable and safe way of working.



All phases of site organization, mechanical, electrical, electronic and automation installation can be carried out by us personally or we will eventually support the third parties assigned to the aforementioned task.

Our staff is available both for short interventions and for long-term stays, whether in Italy or abroad.



After the installation and start-up of the automation system, we will guarantee constant technical support. You will discover that our service will provide you with high quality results, as we have specialized know-how in industrial automation and a detailed knowledge of your plants.

For this reason, it is important for us to establish a clear and open relationship with our client, an approach which will give us the possibility to carefully follow you both during the first operational steps and in the after-sales support.



Your technicians will be specifically trained, covering the entire field of hardware and software for your automation systems. Our main target is to make you independent for the modifications and implementation of even the most complex systems.

We organize training courses of different levels both online or at our company and at your premises.