The mission of our company, from the experience of recent years in which the company was born, can be considered sustainable, as our main characteristic is to help the client by giving a 360° service in the industrial automation field, with the use of advanced hardware and software technology with the aim to organize a safe and successful process, giving constant assistance thanks to a helpful and prepared staff.

ALPING ITALIA wants to offer innovative solutions for their clients which are, at the same time, clear and reliable. The Company puts its trust in the spreading of knowledge, looking to the future, paying attention to the continual evolution of technology.

For this reason, the Company considers its staff as its main resource available to achieve the fixed targets. It is fundamental that every person is fully involved with an adequate level of professional growth over time, including an increase in abilities and skills.

Alping Italia focuses on the capacity of being able to supply complete automation services, starting with a consultation on the project feasibility, passing through the design stage, to reach the final start up activity.

Considering the fundamental targets just mentioned, the General Management, to help achieve them, has stated the following:

  • Planning and organizing their own activities to reach the maximum level of efficiency and effectiveness regarding the company processes and customer satisfaction, reducing complaints to the minimum;
  • To periodically define the quality targets, to re-examine them together with all the related functions, including policy, analysis of the context, expectations and demands of the parties involved, including the analysis of risks and opportunities, to update them, taking into consideration the results already obtained and the targets reached;
  • To communicate its target and policy to all the staff and employees, to elevate internal awareness and everybody’s participation in the achievement of a periodically defined goal: punctual, efficient and effective. The clarity in what we do allows us to distinguish ourselves during the operational phases and in our relations with our clients;
  • To satisfy the applicable requirements, if legal, regarding systems or specifically requested by the client;
  • To search for a reasonable constant improvement of efficiency and efficacy of its own processes, in addition with an increase of the organizational skills.

General Management knows that this type of company policy needs a constant commitment of all its staff and it can be successfully reached only by using a systemic approach to the management system.

The company vision can be summarized with the following motto:


General management