AlpBar-C is an automatic counting system for numbering the bars to be bundled; it is based on a machine vision system and it can be easily integrated into the production line. Thanks to real time verification of product conformity, it can reduce errors in the production process and thus cut costs.

AlpBar-C is based on a laser triangulation system for acquiring 3D profile imaging. The instrumentation is extremely compact and it can be conveniently installed in the storage area; for example, it can be slotted inside the plant’s cooling bed that is used for the handling of bar stock. In poorly lit environments, the laser’s brightness doubles as a source of illumination ensuring acquisition of a reliable digital image.

The system keeps track of production in real-time, counting the actual number of bars and making such data available immediately to the automation unit to manage printing of tags, or for displaying information on a PC and other devices.

AlpBar-C is an artificial vision system that  grants the best performance on the market, recording error rates that are lower than 0,04% for diameters up to 12 mm, and 0% for larger diameters.

The system further provides for a remote counting control function, that makes it possible to manage from a distance several plants located anywhere in the world. Thanks to this added functionality, AlpBar-C is eligible for tax relief related to Industry 4.0, in conjuction with Italian Ministry of Economy.

The AlpBAR-C system can be integrated with an automatic bar divider for bundling a predefined number of bars.


Reliable and efficient
Maximum precision
Counting available in real-time
Remote control
Modular architecture and Plug&Play management
Totally and easily integrated
Simple user interface
Industry 4.0 incentives

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