In the modern industry, full traceability of a product has become essential: this requirement involves mapping the production cycle inside the plant, from the handling of the raw materials, along the processing lines and up to the storage facilities and product shipping.

In response to the growing demand for products identification and  traceability, Alping Italia proposes the ultimate solution with its AlpRobTAG-S system, a robotized cell for automatic billet tagging by means of an electro-welded stud. AlpRobTAG-S can operate on high strength steels, aluminum, magnesium, and many other materials and alloys.

The tags can be made of different materials, depending on the purpose, and can be printed using customised information. An optional Smart Camera can verify the accuracy of the printed information and the successful outcome of the tagging process. AlpRobTAG-S can be adapted to any existing automation process and it is designed after a careful analysis of the system and according to the results to be obtained.

AlpRobTAG-S is the solution that guarantees a safe and efficient tagging cycle and reduces the time required for track and trace operations.


Robotized system for the tagging of finished products.

Automation of the tagging procedure where it is still done by hand

Tagging cycle duration lower than 10 seconds.

Time reduction for tagging operations, information on the processed product available in real time.

A unique product, maximum customization.

Easily integrated in pre-existing production lines, and taylor-made to the clients’ needs.

Product tracking by tag.

Historization of processed operations, from the arrival of raw materials to delivery to the final client.

An innovative system, complete and independent.

A solid and effective solution to many different problems in the manufacturing process.

Low Maintenance and constant technical assistance.

Alping Italia staff will be at your disposal to respond to your concerns and for the resolution of any problems.

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