The company

Sede aziendale di Alping Italia SRL - Automazione industriale FVG - Concretizziamo idee per il processo industriale

In 1996 Mr. D’Orlando Gianfranco created Alping Ges m.b.H., an Austrian company from which in 1999 a branch in Italy, employing 5 technicians, was opened.

The objective was to follow the client in the development of projects related to industrial automation. In 2001 the company became officially Italian: Alping italia SRL.

After nearly twenty years Alping has become a solid Friulian reality, based in the ZIU area of Pavia di Udine with a staff of technicians highly qualified in industrial automation.

Our mission, as always, consists in offering a complete service of high quality,
taylor-made services whether it be a product or a system, according to your requirements.

Our motto is:


We put all our strength, our know-how and skills to create solutions for the industrial automation and robotics that will satisfy your needs.
This is what diversifies us from the other competitors.

The values that lead Alping Italia Team:


Freedom is our password, the door to our technologies is always open. Our systems are designed to simplify the complex actions of an industrial process and to facilitate the job of the end user.


In our job we give special attention to the details, to guarantee a timely, efficient and effective service. Clarity in what we do distinguishes us during the operational phases and in our relationship with our client.

The future

We look to the future, passion for technological innovation applied to the industrial field is fed by curiosity and the willingness to be in line with the times which are in constant evolution.

Alping Italia Team

Alping Italia, the team which takes everything to heart represents a leading force: motivated, with a baggage of significant experiences, always updated on the latest technologies. Divided into different groups, every single group has assigned a system typology. Alping Technical staff proves to have a thorough knowledge of the industrial process.

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