We implementing ideas in
industrial processes
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AlpBar Counter, the automatic
bar counting system
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ARobot TAG, the new robotic
billet tagging system
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Who we are

Implementing ideas in industrial processes

this means directing all our efforts and know-how in the realization of solutions
for the industrial automation and robotics that will satisfy your needs.
Industrial automation and all its aspects represent our passion.
Over the years we have acquired a high level of skills in the programming
of hardware and in the development of software, especially in process control,
in robotics and in data capture at high speed.


We study and design boxes, pulpits and electric panels suitable for the functioning of the system which you require.


We develop control systems for machinery and processes. We assemble the hardware suitable for the software that will operate the machine and command the plant. Our staff is at your disposal for the start-up procedures. We also supply turn-key installations.


Our support will be continued even after the conclusion of the project, as we will be available for any arising necessities, ready to give you the right answer and to guide you through the resolution of the problem.

Technology to simplify complex actions.

Sistemi robotizzati progettati da Alping Italia
Robotic systems

We develop unique robotized systems which can be integrated in any industrial process and taylor-made to your necessities.

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Quadri elettrici e bordomacchina progettati e montati da Alping Italia
Electrical panels and on-board machine

We are highly skilled in the design of hardware and the assembly of low tension electric panels and on-board machine.

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Sistemi automatici di visione artificiale per il controllo di processo.
Artificial vision

We create innovative and precision vision tools, your bionic eye to measure and control your industrial process.

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Sistemi di Controllo e Supervisione Alping Italia
Control systems and Supervision

We develop software, with the aim of providing high quality and efficient automation systems.

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